Elektronika Dünýäsi, a new store owned by a private entrepreneur, opened its doors in the city of Dashoguz ahead of a new year. The two-story building is located in the city’s residential area at the intersection of S. Turkmenbashi Avenue and Al-Khorezmi Lane. It was built on a vacant, undeveloped plot of land between apartment buildings. Large and small household appliances and a wide selection of home electronics from famous foreign and domestic manufactures are on offer in light and spacious sales areas.

In the last few years, modern private stores have considerably grown in number in the administrative center of the Dashoguz region. Some stores occupy the first floor in newly built four-story apartment buildings; others have been built on infill sites between existing administrative and residential buildings. These stores, which are a shining example of rational land use, have recently opened in the residential areas of Merkez-3 and Nowruz, on Shagadam Street and in the heart of the city. The practice of urban infill development helps to build social infrastructure and provide better services to customers while promoting land conservation by making good use of existing vacant lots and utility systems.