The circus company has prepared a brand-new show for the start of the new season. Circus enthusiasts, who had missed an atmosphere of wonders, excitement, joy, extreme stunts, agile and fearless performers, began to take their seats well ahead of the enthralling performance. 

The Pop Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Rovshan Nepesov struck ‘Overture’ by George Duke and the audience was eagerly anticipating something miraculous.  

Medina Bairamdurdyeva opened the show with a lyrical bird act called ‘Doves’. The snow-white birds meekly obeyed the young trainer’s commands, leaving the spectators immersed in a fairytale-like atmosphere. It was a wonderful visual spectacle!

Aerialist Lilianna Yusupova appeared on the circus ring after Medina. Her thrilling aerial hoop performance kept some on the edge of their seats and delighted others. 

A group of jugglers captivated the audience with their juggling skills, manipulating colorful neon clubs and performing dazzling tricks in the air.   

Clowns Rovshen Melyaev, Archa Meredov and Pena Muratdyrdyev entertained the circus lovers with a host of hilarious jokes.  Equilibrist Irada Alieva, who had a derby hat on and a cane in her hands, evoked an association with Charlie Chaplin. Her performance style was also reminiscent of the world-renowned comedian’s. But unlike him, she was graceful and flexible. The agile girl performed spectacular stunts. 

A humorous act named ‘The Bench’ brought together acrobats of the Galkynysh Group and clowns Archa and Pena.   

Then, performing on the circus ring were Halap Bairammyradov and Tachgeldy Matgeldyev with well-trained Alabay dogs. The two snow-white self-confident dogs that had already performed in front of audiences were joined by an Alabay dog named Sherkhan with a rare black coat. His debut performance proved to be successful. 

The show also featured three circus gymnasts Irada Alieva, Leili Amangeldyeva and Lilianna Yusupova in an act called ‘The Amazons’ performing to the soundtrack to a Turkish TV series ‘The Magnificent Century’.  

Another debut of the new season was a performance by monkeys Tom and Jerry. They were joined by Chita, an established crowd favorite, whose amusing antics earned enthusiastic applause and laughs from everyone as usual. The little monkeys rode a donkey in turns, walked a tightrope carrying a balance pole, and exercised on a horizontal bar.  

The second part of the show featured performances by members of the Galkynysh Equestrian Group. Have you ever seen six horses lying on the ring, or a sitting horse, or a horse jump roping or kissing its trainer? If not, then the circus show is a must-see for you. Come to admire the talent of equestrian and horse trainer Serdar Bairamdurdyev.  

Pygy Bairamdurdyev astride a beautiful white horse named Rukhubelent once again kept the audience mesmerized with impressive performances. The spectators instantly recognized the horse - back in the past, our President had given the foal to the Circus as a gift. The now-grown-up horse can gracefully do the Spanish walk and ‘standing on his hind legs’ tricks, which are the most difficult elements. A black horse named Kanon performed a spectacular ‘dance’ on his back legs. 

As the show neared its end, dashing riders thrilled and amazed the audience doing daring trick-riding stunts on their horses. A kushtdepdi dance, performed by all the circus performers brought the show to a spectacular close.  

Speaking of the impressive new show, that opened the long-awaited season of circus performances, special mention must be made of a recent visit to Moscow conducted by Pygy Bairamdurdyev and a Turkmen delegation.  

During the talks with the director general of the Russian State Circus Company, the Turkmen side was represented by director of the Galkynysh National Equestrian Group of the Akhalteke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan Pygy Bairamdurdyev and department manager at the Türkmenatlary State Association Berdymuhamed Berdymuradov. The parties discussed the prospects for cooperation. The Russian State Circus Company plans to resume its guest performances in Turkmenistan.

Director General of the Russian State Circus Company Sergey Belyakov highlighted during the meeting that Turkmens are one of the best trick riders in the world. The parties will soon consider the opportunity to organize guest shows of the Turkmen State Circus at branch circuses of the Russian State Circus Company. 

The Turkmen delegation invited Sergey Belyakov to take part in events to be held in honor of National Turkmen Horse Day celebrated in our country on the last Sunday in April. This year the holiday will be first ever marked jointly with Turkmen Alabay Day.