Many printing media publish materials about soldiers of the Great Victory on the threshold of the 76th anniversary of the victory in Great Patriotic War. Pavel Zhukov has told about destiny of one of them, our fellow countryman, Hero of the Soviet Union Tachmamed Niyazmamedov. We offer his article published in Camerton, Russian network literary and historical magazine to the attention of our readers.

Tachmamed Niyazmamedov was fighting in the battle fields of the Great Patriotic War for one year only. However, this short time lapse was enough for brave Turkmen man to become a Hero of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, he couldn’t survive until the award.

In the first days after Germany has attacked the Soviet Union, applications from all over Turkmenistan, requesting to enroll to the army as volunteers, have filled regional military commissions of the country. Although, general military training was designated for men aged 16 0 50, there were many volunteers among women. Several thousand women of Turkmen SSR volunteered to defend the Motherland. More than three thousand people have joined the ranks of the Red Army in the first several days of the war. Altogether, more than 180,000 people of Turkmenistan went to the front for the period of the Great Patriotic War. Which made up approximately 10 percent of the population of the Republic.

18 Turkmen warriors have become Heroes of the Soviet Union, many of them has been awarded posthumously. Tachmamed Niyazmamedov was among them. Senior sergeant was only 29 years old when died.

Future Hero of the Soviet Union was born in Balkan Region in 1914. Even though he was from an ordinary peasant family, Tachmamed has received good education. Having graduated from the school, Niyazmamedov became a student of pedagogic college No. 1 in Ashgabat. After the school, he worked as a teacher. Having received an experience, Tachmammed has managed to be a director of several schools in Bendesen and Hoja-Kala villages.

Suddenly, the Great Patriotic War has come. Niyazmamedov was recruited to the army in the autumn of 1941. Having received a training, which lasted about a year, he ended up the battle fields.

Major part of the 18th cavalry division of the 11th cavalry corpse was Turkmens. In the spring and summer of 1942, the soldiers were sent behind the enemy lines in the area of Vyazma. They have fought the enemy for many months but at the end were surrounded. There was no many choices and the cavalrymen made a decision to break through the surrounding enemy lines. They have managed to do this but paid very high prices – almost the whole division was killed.

Tachmambed was brave and fearless but military fortune turned its back to him at the beginning. Everything was changed in autumn of 1943. By that time, Senior Sergeant Niyazmamedov was a deputy commander of the machine gun platoon, Third Squadron of the Guards Cavalry Regiment, 16th cavalry division, 7th Guards Cavalry Corps of the Central Front. A big break has fallen on the bloodshed battle of Dnepr on the territory of Belarus.

On the night of 28th September 1943, the platoon of the Senior Sergeant has approached the river. Nivki village, Braginsky District, Gomel Region was located nearby. The Germans were on the western bank of the river. Red Army soldiers had to cross Dnepr, to capture and hold a beachhead at the occupied territory.

Niyazmamedov was very calm. A few days ago he has looked into the face of death and survived. Back then, his platoon was at the front of attacking lines in the battle for Berezna village. The soldiers who were in front of the squadron has managed to break in to the settlement among the first. Skillful actions of the senior sergeant allowed separate German troops and make them panicking. Owing to this, the Soviet soldiers have liberated the village.

Now, success of another important operation depended on decisions and actions of Tachmamed. He couldn’t fail, otherwise it would have led to hard consequences. His cold blood has played the main role in fulfilment of the task. Although, the Germans were expecting the attack and has a better positions, they have lost.

The Soviet soldiers have crossed Dnepr, got hold of important beachhead and managed to battle it out. Niyazmamedov was acting as a hero in the battle. He was one of the first who landed the enemy bank and got into fight.

Tachmamed and his soldiers have distracted attention of enemy and allowed the rest of the troops to cross the river. On the next day, the Soviet soldiers have already beaten Germans n Nivki and Vyale villages. Senior sergeant Niyazmamedov was again one of the best warriors.

Bloodshed and violent battles for Belarusian villages have continued through entire autumn of 1943. The enemy resisted strongly understanding that any episode at this point of time can change the result of entire confrontation. The Soviet soldier also realized this. After successful crossing of the Dnepr and liberation of several villages, Niyazmamedov’s machine gun crew was fighting with enemy for Kuzminki Village.

Its liberation played a big role as he Germans has turned it into real stronghold. The Soviets couldn’t take over the village on the move. The enemy has stood up against. Then, Niyazmamedov and his soldiers tries to exhaust the enemy with permanent attacks from the northern part. But the Germans was holding the positions, however, by the end of the day they have started running out of power. At night, when the Germans did not expect it, new attack has started. Despite big losses in men, the Niyazmamedov’s platoon has managed to knock the Germans out of the village. However, it was too early to celebrate victory.

Senior sergeant understood that the enemy would not tolerate the loss and would try to take over the lost positions. On the dawn of November 14, the Germans who received additional resources have stricken. The attack was developed from three sides. Niyazmamedov’s platoon did not have enough men to hold the enemy; the only hope was that help would be on time. However, miracle did not happen. Tachmamed’s fellow soldiers were killed one after another.

At the end, it was only Niyazmamedov and Ivan Zurov who were still alive. They have hold the enemy for several hours more shooting two machine guns. Suddenly, Zaurov’s gun went silent.

Tachmamed has looked back – his friend was killed. Senior sergeant was shooting enemy back until he run out of ammo. He throw a grenade toward the attacking enemies, then took another one and at this moment hos torso was hit by several bullets.

The soldier was buries in mass grave in Vyshemir Village, Gomel Region.

On January 15, 1994, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR has awarded Senior Sergeant of Guards Niyazmamedov with title of the Hero of the Soviet Union postmortem. Tachmamed Niyazmamedov has become the Hero of Turkmenistan postmortem as well.

In our days, the school of Vyshemir village has a museum, which has a display about Niyazmamedov. Relatives of the Hero went to the village in 1982 to meet local school students. Tachmamed’s sister has presented handmade portrait carpet picturing the Senior sergeant to the school.