The admission of documents from entrants, who want to enter higher and secondary vocational education institutions, goes on in the capital and regions of the country. Admission and entrance examinations are organised in the country during the period from July 12 to August 27. The State Commission has been set up especially to supervise the admission campaign during its period of operation.

Certain changes dictated by modern the dynamical development of national education, introduction of international standards in the training and educational process, tasks of increase of financial and economic level of high schools, acceleration of scientific-technological, economic development of Turkmenistan have been made in the system of training of experts in the country in the upcoming academic year.

So, according to the Resolution signed by the head of the state, a number of higher educational institutions of the country will be put from September 1, 2021 on a self-supporting basis. Among them are the International University for the Humanities and Development, International Oil and Gas University named after Yagshygeldi Kakaev, Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan, Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management, Turkmen State Institute of Finance, Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction and Oghuz khan Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan.

Today school leavers are offered a wider choice of specialities with which the list of areas of training in higher education schools has traditionally been replenished. In total, 32 new areas for receiving modern, demanded trades have appeared in the educational schedule of higher education schools.

Besides, in the next educational year six capital higher education schools will carry out completely professional training process by the bachelor degree and master programs. It is Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management, Turkmen State Institute of Finance, Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after D.Azadi, Turkmen State Institute of Culture, Oghuz khan Engineering and Technology University and International University for the Humanities and Development.

For the purpose of training of highly qualified diplomats for the country the structure of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been updated. In the new educational year in the given higher educational institution the Centre for Strategic Studies, School for young diplomats and Department of Digital Systems and Communications will function.

Among the major tasks for 2021-2022 are improvement of work on revealing and development of talents, and also revision of curricula, programs, textbooks and grants, their preparation according to the best international experience.