The works on production of the healing balms is carried out in the enterprises of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. One of such enterprises is the therapeutic muds and sea salt packing enterprise, located in Jebel settlement of Balkanabat city, center of Balkan velayat.

The specialists of the enterprise produce the therapeutic muds and sea salt. 400 thousand packages of the therapeutic and cosmetic products, including 200 thousand packages of known worldwide Mollagara mud are produced in enterprise every year, it is planned to produce there by 100 thousand packages of volcanic mud and sea salt. The enterprise consists of three main departments- therapeutic muds, sea salt packaging and quality control departments; the coordinated work is arranged at a high level there.

The nature of our sunny country is rich in various natural materials useful for health. Various muds and sea salt take an important place among them. Muds are divided into two groups - sludge and volcanic. The Mollagara lake is famous with its sludge muds not only in our country, but also in the world. Recently the cosmetic characteristics of Mollagar mud were studied and it was found a wide range of healing characteristics of mud for skin.

The muds of the wonderful volcans within the Esenguly etrap of the velayat are also have strong healing properties. There are many valuable microelements in the composition of the volcanic muds; they are widely used in cosmetology, and health care for treatment of skin, cardiovascular diseases, intestines, as well as infertility.

Balms produced with label «Made in Turkmenistan» are sent to the sanatoriums, rehabilitation and treatment centers, hospitals, Health houses of our country.