Online conference of working group of Interdepartmental Commission for development of digital economy in Turkmenistan has been held on December 24. The goal of the Commission is to support practical implementation and promotion of digital technologies on all levels of the government and social life.

Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency has been appointed as an authorized body for development of digital economy. In the beginning of this year, the first session of the established commission has taken place, where the utmost objectives have been specified and responsible parties has been appointed.

The conference was the second session of the working group. Representatives of dozens of ministries, departments, city administrations, banks, establishments and facilities, specialists of IT-platforms as well as the Union of Industrialist’s and Entrepreneurs took part in the session. The agenda included the subjects of amendments and addendums of the Provision and composition of the Interdepartmental commission for development of digital economy.

Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency has also presented National project of Single system of identification and authentication (SSIA) to the attention of the participants, which is to provide authorized access of the participants of informational cooperation (applying citizens and authorized representatives of executive power) to the government electronic resources for provision of electronic services.

The access is given after registration procedure at the Single Portal of the government services of Turkmenistan –

In addition, the project of the System of interdepartmental electronic cooperation (SIEC), informational system, which allows central, regional and local power authorities of the country, crediting organizations and other members of the System exchanging data, which are necessary to provide government services to the citizens and organizations in electronic format.

The participants of online session has noted that it is necessary to take measures in several directions including for study of advanced world practice and development of national personnel, scientific, technical and infrastructural potential for provision of success of digital transformation.

Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes that wide choice of electronic services would stimulate the citizens for additional and permanent education, enhancement of professionalism using distant methods. Introduction of digital education will allow enhancing human capital and to attract innovative resources to the economy and other spheres for prosperity of the society and progress of the country.