Balkanabat-based entrepreneur Khalmammed Amanmammedov has harvested 64-plus tons of tomatoes in his greenhouse and has exported 50 tons of his high-quality crops to the Russian Federation.

It is the first tomato yield grown under cover by the member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and he has exported his agricultural produce to foreign markets for the first time, as well.

In October, the entrepreneur from Balkanabat brought a multi-purpose new-generation greenhouse into operation in the Great Balkhan foothills. It allows raising any agricultural crop all year round. He is now growing top-yielding varieties of tomatoes on more than 4 hectares, obtaining good yields.

Entrepreneurs in the Balkan region have been steadily increasing their export potential. This year, only three farming entrepreneurs exported vegetables abroad, but the number of exporters is expected to grow several times next year. According to the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, 13 new greenhouse complexes will be built in the region.

Thanks to government assistance and support, plots of farmland are allocated to farmers on a regular basis. Entrepreneur Amanmammedov has been growing cotton and wheat on 3,000-plus hectares of farmland in Serdar etrap, Balkan Velayat for several years. This year, the private farmer has grown a high yield of cotton on 700 hectares and planted winter wheat varieties on 1,000 hectares.

Khalmammed Amanmammedov is one of the most experienced agri-producers in the country. He has a few hectares planted with fruit trees nearby his greenhouse complex in Balkanabat. A while ago, he received 12 hectares of land, which he plans to use for fruit- and vine-growing. The local soil and climatic conditions and his vast practical experience allow the private agri-producer not only to keep the domestic market well supplied but to increase exports of crops.