Reconstruction of mine wells located on the «Mazarly» and «Böwür deşik» distant pastures in the Garagum livestock farm of the Gorogly etrap was carried out this year by the specialists of the «Daşoguzörisuw» repair and construction company. During the overhaul, the side walls of the wells were strengthened, watering troughs and reservoirs were repaired, and possible collapses and pollution of water sources were prevented. This made it possible to fully restore the flow rate of wells that water tens of thousands of hectares of pastures. This year, the specialists of the enterprise have also brought to their proper condition the mine wells in the settlements “Islam” and «Gyzylja burun» in the etrap named after S.A.Niyazov. In total, such work, which allows extending the life of wells and improving the availability of water for livestock, has already been carried out by the team for 149,000 manats.

By the end of the year, specialists will also have to build two new mine wells on the distant pastures of the northern region of the country and reconstruct several more operating sources.

In the Dashoguz velayat, great attention is paid to the correct organization of water supply to pasture areas based on the rational use of water sources and strict adherence to environmental standards. In the region where two large farms are successfully operating, using remote land plots in the desert for grazing livestock, they are striving to significantly increase the economic efficiency of distant sheep and camel breeding through more rational use of local water resources and available sources of cheap natural fodder. Therefore, in recent years, dozens of new mine wells of various depths and reserves of underground moisture have been built on local pastures, the quality of water and the state of the existing water bodies themselves are strictly controlled, and, if necessary, renovation work is carried out to restore their resources.