An Economic Society «Beg Yupek» shipped next production lot to the consumers from Uzbekistan. An enterprise, located in Akbugday etrap of Ahal velayat, is specialized in production of the polypropylene yarn PP BCF (multifilament) manufactured from the local raw material. The multifilament yarn of the Turkmen producers is in great demand in the foreign market. The Economic Society exports its production to Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Dubai.

The fact of the matter is that filament obtained from the oil production waste is widely used in formation of backing and pile of the synthetic carpets. BCF filament is notable for low cost, antistatic properties, compliance for heat treatment, pollution resistance; hypoallergenic, colour fastness for all life time.

Its peculiarity is the chemical inertness. It means that to give colour to carpet from polypropylene is possible only during production of filament, but it is impossible to colour the end product. The polypropylene carpets have a bright colourful appearance, and their main property, one can say, is lightness, comfort, ease of care and rather attractive price.


Filament is manufactured in the enterprise on special technology using the equipment of German brand «Oerlikon-Neumag», which makes it possible to produce up to 120 ton of polypropylene yarn per month.

ES «Beg Yupek» is one of the first in Turkmenistan – in 2019 – launched the multifilament yarn production. Even if the company is company is young, the high-end professionals are employed here. The enterprise is planning to increase the production capacity and broaden the range of products, actively apply the advanced technologies for the production of the affordable and qualitative production meeting the client’s demand.